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An Introduction

The Board's Values represent their core priorities in Lloydminster Catholic Schools' culture, including what drives trustee priorities and how they truly act in the pursuit of excellence for our organization. The Board's Values are increasingly important in the development of the strategic planning process documented in the Annual Report. The Board has committed to permeating these Values into our operations in the service of our students and the mandate of Catholic Education.


Lloydminster Catholic School Division will nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of each student in a faith-centered community.

Lcsd Building

Our Story

Lloydminster Catholic School Division has continued to grow and expand educational services since its inception in 1959. The division is situated on the Saskatchewan-Alberta border with schools in both provinces.  The school division is located on Treaty 6 territory.  LCSD has grown since its inception to provide a range of academic programming within a Catholic Education mandate. Enrolment growth has enabled us to add new schools to meet the demand in the community for Catholic Education. In September 2021, construction commenced on the expansion of Holy Rosary High School.  The expansion, which opened on February 1, 2023, allowed the accommodation of an additional 400 students.

A commitment to faith and a tradition of academic excellence

LCSD is a vibrant community of teachers, students, and parents.  As we evolve, our Board of Education continues to assess and reaffirm its purpose and mandate.  We are proud of the academic achievement of our students from Prekindergarten to Grade 12.  We are grateful for the active involvement of the Catholic Church through St. Anthony's Parish, and with our Faith Integration Team.  This supports students, parents, and staff in faith development.  We encourage the seeds of their faith to develop and grown throughout their lives.

ValueValue Statement
Catholic Faith: Catholic faith permeates all aspects of our students' education.
Academics: We strive for academic excellence for all students.
Communication: Open communication with our students, staff, and our faith community characterizes our interactions.
Family / Community: Students, parents, and staff work together as a team.
Honesty: Integrity and honesty guide our conduct.
Leadership: Strong leadership is characterized by innovation and excellence and promoted through continuous learning.
Love / Respect: We foster love and promote respect for human dignity and life.

LCSD Board Priorities in 2023

1. Our faith in Jesus, the Church, and each other enables us to nurture God's love for students, staff, and their families.

2. Investments in capital continue to lead us to innovation and academic success.

3. The success of our students academically, socially, physically, and spiritually defines us.

4. Our Board nurtures the mission and grows a relationship focused on developing leadership in our staff.


Lloydminster Catholic School Division Logo

"Where academics, faith, family and community meets" is derived from our mission statement. Faith is represented in both the cross and a decade of the Rosary; family is represented by the building, symbolizing both school and home; LCSD is inside a larger community and we strive to be a center of learning and our faith permeates all that we do.

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Our Schools

Holy Rosary

(English / French Immersion) Grades 8-12

(780) 875-3600

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Ecole St Thomas

(French Immersion) Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 875-5366

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Father Gorman

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(306) 825-4600

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St Joseph

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 875-2442

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St Marys

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 808-8600

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Mother Theresa

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2

(780) 871-5944

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