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Welcome to Home Based Education with LCSD.

In order to meet the diverse needs of students and in order to honour the right of parents to choose to provide for their child's education at home, the Lloydminster Catholic School Division has developed the following procedures for home based education programs.

Updated LCSD Administrative Procedures (AP 270) for Home Based Education: Click HERE
*Please be advised that the enrollment deadline of August 15 will be extended to align with staffing availability.
Finalization of the registration for home schooling students will take place the last week of August. 

We support parents and caregivers looking for a traditional home based education model. What does that mean? 
Parents/caregivers will be responsible for 100% of the development, implementation and assessment of each child enrolled.

Which curricula do I use?
Parents design their own curricula to be covered with their child/student.
If you wish to follow the Saskatchewan curricula covered in our schools it can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Who designs the educational plan?
Parents/caregivers will design a complete education plan per child/student each year. Deadline is available on AP 270.
docxEducational Plan Template (Word Doc Version)
pdfEducational Plan Template (PDF Version)
This is to be provided to the Home Based Education Administrator at the beginning of each school year as per AP 270.
A portfolio for each child shall be developed and kept in accordance with the Home Based Education Program Regulations. This portfolio is to remain in your home and updated throughout the year as your child works through their individualized Educational Plans. 
Amendments can be made throughout the year to the educational plan. When an amendement occurs, please resend to Home Based Education Administrator.

How do I report the learning of my child/student?
Parents/caregivers will design a complete progress report plan per child/student each year.
docxProgress Report Template (Word Doc Version) 
pdfProgress Report Template (PDF Version)
This is to be provided at the end of the school year. Deadline date is available on AP 270.

Is direct deposit available? 
Please view it here and email it directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Policy and Procedures Manual and Frequently Asked Questions: HERE


Is there a reimbursement allocation for Home Based Education? Yes.

  • Receipts provided and included in reimbursement packages must be formal receipts. No hand written receipts or receipts without complete company name can be accepted. Please make sure every formal receipt includes;
    • complete company name, address, phone number
    • date
    • break down of what was purchased or provided
    • method of payment information
  • Receipts must be approved purchases and represented on the child's educational plan. Please ask before purchasing if you have questions regarding something being covered.
    Examples of items that are reimbursed: curricula, stationary, resources, computer, printer, ink, binders, paper, craft supplies, books, professional fees for lessons
    Examples of items that are NOT covered: gas, food, phys ed equipment, furniture, shoes/clothing
  • Submission of a NEW completed Form 270-1; Click HERE to access.
  • This is a NEW form implemented last school year. No old forms can be accepted. Please use the link above to access new forms throughout the year. 
  • Each child will require their own form with a descriptive financial breakdown explaining each receipt. Please number the receipts. Each child's allotment is $1000 for the 2023-2024 school year. Reimbursement allocations are determined by our financial team through an extensive review of Alberta and Saskatchewan funding manuals, comparisons to other reimbursement policies across AB and SK, our trend patterns and staffing.
  • Ensure receipts are scanned and the full receipt is easily viewed. Please avoid taking pictures of receipts as they are often not legible when printed. The subject line for emails with receipts should read childs full name and receipts. Example: Jessie Mann Receipts
  • Please send in 1 email per child/student per package. Each receipt MUST match the amount on the receipt. If you send in a receipt in USD dollars and want to be reimbursed in CAD you will also need to send in a credit card statement. The credit card statement must match exactly on the financial form. If you do not send in a credit card receipt we will not be converting to CAD for you.  
  • All receipt packages must include complete receipts; business name, what was purchased or provided, when it was purchased or provided, method of payment and complete proof of payment.
  • We appreciate original packages to be mailed in or dropped off at LCSD Division Office c/o Jessie Mann. If you are emailing in a receipt package each receipt must be its own clear file and please ensure everything is clearly labeled and all receipts are represented on the individual Financial Form (Form 270.1). Keep copies for your records when sending in packages.
  • Expenditures must correspond to the student’s approved Education Plan; and all student records are in good standing and all paperwork has been handed in
  • All receipts must be forwarded to LCSD before June 1, 2023 (This change will also be added to AP 270) to be considered for payment. 
  • Due to another increase in homeschooling students please be patient with reimbursements. Depending on the receipt package it may take 2-3 weeks to process and another 2 weeks for our financial team to issue payment. Thank you for your patience during this time. You can send in receipts after October 1, 2022.
  • We can NOT process receipts for reimbursement after June 1, 2023.
  • Receipts to be considered for reimbursement for the 2022-2023 school year must be dated July 2022-May 2023. 

Continuing with LCSD for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • Please note the following if you wish to register with us again next year. Notify Jessie by June 1, 2023 that you will be continuing and complete/send in a new Notice of Intent. Notice of Intent forms can be found online by clicking HERE.
  • Please make sure the subject line of the email is: 2023-2024 Notice of Intent


NOTE: Students who complete their education through our Home Based program do not receive a formal transcript for credit as per the Government of Saskatchewan Policy and Procedures Manual. 


Our current Home Based Education Administrator is Jessie Mann and she can be reached via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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