Board Members

Our trustees are incredibly supportive people elected from our community. They serve to support the educational needs of our students, staff and families and are very present in our schools and community.

We are very proud of our school division and our trustees love to discuss our programs and initiatives with parents and the community.



2023-2024 Board Members

Paula Scott

Serving as a Trustee for Lloydminster Catholic School Division is a fulfilling and purpose-driven commitment that goes beyond the realm of education.  It is an opportunity to contribute to the holistic development of students within a faith-based context. As a Trustee, I am able to engage in decision-making processes, policy development, and advocacy to enhance the overall educational experience for LCSD students.  It is a chance to be a steward of values while fostering an environment that aligns with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Being a Catholic School Trustee is a way to make a lasting impact on the lives of students and contribute to the broader mission of cultivating individuals with strong moral character and a well-rounded education.

Michelle Rusteika

We are very fortunate as parents to have the choice to educate our children in faith filled schools, and I am honoured to serve as a Trustee in the mission of Catholic education.  Catholic education is a choice I highly value and will work to protect and preserve.  I respect the relationships and connections I have made in our division, parish, and community and I look forward to working with the excellent team of people that we have on the Board and in the School Division.  

Cal Fendelet

It is an honour that as a Trustee I am able to participate in fostering the many passions of our students with governance that responds to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. As LCSD continues to grow, my wife, Tricia and I have seen innovation and community partnerships as a driving force in education. Our children are amongst the students and graduates who are prepared for the world beyond grade 12 with Academics, Athletics, the Arts and Altruism.  Our role as Trustees gives us the opportunity to propel the next generation to success. Our commitment as Trustees is to constantly pursue learning that reaches beyond the walls of our schools.  We are a team of Trustees whose cornerstone is hope for the future.  We look forward to supporting an excellent education for each of your children guided by faith and hope.

Laurie Makichuk

I’m Laurie Makichuk and my journey as a Catholic School Board Trustee spans an incredible 28 years.  Married to Dusty for 39 years, we have built a life centered around faith, family, and community.  Together, we have been blessed with three children and four grandchildren, all of whom are integral parts of the Lloydminster Catholic School Division. My involvement is rooted in a deep passion of faith and commitment to Catholic Education.  I have dedicated myself to fostering our mission statement “The Lloydminster Catholic School Division will nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of each student in a faith-centered community.” I am humbly thankful and undeniably blessed for the unwavering support of my family, fellow Trustees, the guidance of faith, and the privilege of serving on the Lloydminster Catholic School Division Board of Trustees.

Winson Avara

I am honored to serve as your Trustee within our cherished LCSD community. With a passion for our faith and a dedication to our mission, I am committed to fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, spiritually, and morally. I am proud to say that this marks my fourth year of service as your Trustee. Throughout this time, I have worked diligently to uphold our Catholic identity, promote academic excellence, and support the holistic development of our students. Together, let us journey forward in faith, guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ

Kate Carnell

It is truly an honour being part of LCSD and having the opportunity to support this amazing network of support for learning. I continue to be thankful for the roles that the teachers and staff have played in the lives of my four children and am proud of the role that Catholic Education plays in our community.  I have learned so much from my fellow Trustees and our Administration since the beginning of my term, and though I initially signed up to serve, I am humbled at what I have received in return.  At LCSD we are a community that supports all students, parents and staff.  As Trustees, we continually seek to advocate for our City and the youth that is its future.

Andrea Zerr

Having lived in several different communities throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, a job transfer in 2007 brought us to Lloydminster.  The City offered us the quality of life we valued which included the educational needs of our three children.   Education was a high priority at that time and remains a priority of mine in my role as Trustee as I serve to support the educational needs of all the students, staff and families entrusted to our care. In a world that has become increasingly complex and at times difficult, I feel Catholic Education provides an environment where our dedicated LCSD staff weave a faith based curriculum,  to nurture each child to be the best version of themselves.  This enables them to learn not only academics, arts and athletics, but the importance of compassion, inclusion, respect and willingness to serve others to become tomorrow’s leaders. Serving on the Board with my fellow trustees and senior leaders is truly rewarding and I appreciate the trust that has been placed in me by our community.


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