Lloydminster, Alta. - A brand new location for sports and recreation in the Lloydminster region is about to become a reality.

Today, Lloydminster Catholic School Division (LCSD) is unveiling its plans for the construction of the Synergy Vault – a multi-purpose indoor facility designed to meet the needs of sports groups in the region. The 23,000-square foot facility, located at Holy Rosary High School, will include an athletic field large enough for practice space for football, soccer, baseball, rugby and other sports and activities.

"The Synergy Vault will help fill an increasing need in our community," said Aubrey Patterson, Director of Education, Lloydminster Catholic School Division. "It will be something really special for our school community and this city and there is so much potential for a venue like this because of the demand for recreational space. The pursuit of excellence and the building of our community has been tantamount to our school division; the support we have received from Synergy and the City of Lloydminster has been nothing short of inspirational."


The Lloydminster Catholic School Division will be seeking partnerships with sports and recreation groups, who will be able to use the Synergy Vault throughout the year. The facility will also be primarily used by students for specialized physical education classes, easing the space restrictions the school is currently facing for instructional purposes.

The Synergy Vault will be the first phase of a strategic expansion plan until Holy Rosary’s future expansion is approved and constructed to include a second gymnasium, further field developments and environmental projects that will add to the beautification of the school’s neighbourhood, complete with walking paths and green space.

The Synergy Vault was made possible with the partnership of Synergy Credit Union, who will be the name sponsor for the next 15 years. Synergy Credit Union and the LCSD have had a strong relationship for decades and this is another way to work together while filling a need for Lloydminster and surrounding area.

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