Recruitment & Retention

French Immersion Undergraduate

The recruitment of French Immersion teachers presents significant challenges for both Alberta school districts and Saskatchewan school divisions. As a result, school districts/divisions are increasingly developing a local professional development route to create a local cadre of prepared French Immersion teachers and vice-principals.


To support LCSD alumni undergraduate French Immersion teachers in earning a Bachelor of Education degree at a recognized university.


Fund up to one undergraduate teacher per year in the following manner:


Pay tuition up to $5000.00 per year to a maximum of $10,000.00 for tuition in a university recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education with the following understandings: 

  • A payment of $5000.00 will be paid to the students pending the following:
    • The student is in his or her final year of university in a recognized Bachelor of Education program.
    • The student must successfully meet all university requirements for convocation or payment shall be returned to the school division.
  • Return service does not include time for leaves.
  • This bursary requires a three-year commitment of return service from the teacher following the successful completion of the Bachelor of Education program.

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Holy Rosary

(English / French Immersion) Grades 8-12

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Ecole St Thomas

(French Immersion) Kindergarten to Grade 7

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Father Gorman

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(306) 825-4600

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St Joseph

Kindergarten to Grade 7

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St Marys

Kindergarten to Grade 7

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Mother Theresa

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2

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