pdfAP 100 Strategic Planning Framework

pdfAP 101 Annual Reports

pdfAP 111 School Community Councils

pdfF 15 1 SCC Action Plans

pdfAP 120 Policy and Procedures Dissemination

pdfAP 121 Review of Administrative Procedures

pdfAP 130 Instructional Year

pdfAP 131 Emergency School Cancellation

pdfAP 132 Inclement Weather

pdfAP 140 Issue Resolution Protocol

pdfAP 145 Network Services Man/Internet Access

pdfF 145 2 Guest Internet User Agreement

pdfAP 146 Use of Personal Electronic Devices PEDS

pdfAP 147 The Purchase and Installation of Software

pdfAP 148 Technology Maintenance and Services

pdfAP149 Social Media and Online Posting

pdfAP 150 Media Relations

pdfAP 152 Parish Relations and Liaising

pdfAP 153 Dispersal of Information Through Schools

pdfAP 154 Elections

pdfAP 155 Event Protocol

pdfAP 156 Visit Protocol

pdfAP 157 Agency Presentation to Students

pdfAP 158 Technology / Online Acceptable Use

pdfAP 160 Health and Safety of Students and Staff

pdfAP 160A Appendix Universal Precautions

pdfAP 161 HIV AIDS

pdfAP 162 Alcohol and Drugs On School Premises

pdfAP 163 Tobacco Free Environment

pdfAP 164 Staff Home Visit Guide

pdfAP 165 Safe Schools

pdfAP 166 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

pdfAP166 Appendix CIRT Protocol

pdfAP170 Violence

pdfAP 180 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

          pdf F 180 1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

pdfAP 181 Video Surveillance

pdfAP 182 Security Alarm Procedures

pdfAP 185 Records Retention and Disposal

pdfAP 190 Copyright

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