pdf AP300 Entrance Age

pdfAP 301 Admission of Students

pdfAP 302 Student Fees

pdfAP 303 After School Program

pdfAP 305 Student Code of Conduct

pdfAP309  Accommodating and Respecting Gender Identity and Expression

pdfAP309A Appendix A SCSBA Pastoral Response to Transgender Students

pdfAP 310 Student Safety and Supervision

pdfAP 311 Harassment Students

AP 312 Bomb Threats

pdfAP 313 Emergency Evacuations (Contact the LCSD office for further information.)

AP 314 School Action Plan For Emergencies (SAFE) (Contact the LCSD office for further information.)

pdfAP 315 Student Injuries At School

             pdfF 315 1 Concussion Response Tool

pdfAP 316  Chronic Student Health Services

            pdfF 316 1 Parent Authorization for Chronic Health Care at School

            pdfF 316 2 Letter to Doctor Regarding Health Services

            pdfF 316 3 Daily Medication Record

            pdfF 316 4 Daily Record of Health Care Interventions

            pdfF 316 5 Sample Health Services Plan

          pdf F 316 6 Child Specific Emergency Plan

pdfAP 317 Anaphylaxis

pdfAP 318 Pediculosis Head Lice

pdfAP 319 Temporary Student Health Support

            pdfF 319 1 Parent Authorization for Temporary Health Care At School

pdfAP 320 Student Records

            pdfF 320 1 Notice of Retained Documents

pdfAP 321 Student Data System

pdfAP 330 Child Protection

pdfAP 340 Attendance of Students

pdfAP 351 Bullying

pdfAP 352 Student Discipline

pdfAP 353 Physical Restrain & Seclusion

   pdfForm 353 1 Physical Restraint & Seclusion Incident Report

          pdfForm 353 2 Staff Debrief Data Collection

pdfAP 355 Interviewing Students At School By Police or Child Welfare

pdfAP 356 Searches by School Authorities

pdfAP 357 Damage to Property

pdfAP 360 Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

            pdfF 360 1 My Progress Report

pdfAP 360A Appendix A Key Communicators Document for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve

pdfAP 360B Appendix B Holy Rosary Pyramid of Intervention

pdfAP 360C Appendix C Second Chance Learning

pdfAP 361 Student Retention


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