pdfAP 200 Organization for Instruction

pdfAP 201 Curriculum Delivery

pdfAP 202 Religious Education

pdfAP 203 Family Life Program

pdfAP 204 First Nation Education

pdfAP 205 Controversial Issues

pdfAP 209 Work Based Learning Programs

            pdfF 209 1 Four Party Work Based Learning Agreement

            pdfF 209 2 Work Based Learning Contract

pdfAP 210 Students with Exceptional Needs

pdfAP 211 Early Entrance Programs

pdfAP 212 English As A Second Language

pdfAP 212 1 EAL Intake and Initial Assessment Procedures

pdfAP 213 Second Language Learning

pdfAP 214 Band Program

pdfAP 215 Career Education

pdfAP 216 Physical Activity Programs

            pdfF 216 1 Indoor Facilities Safety Report

            pdfF 216 2 Outdoor Facilities Safety Report

            pdfF 216 3 Activity Room Safety Guidelines

            pdfF 216 4 Gymnasium Equipment Safety Report

            pdfF 216 5 First Aid Kit

            pdfF 216 6 Medical Information Form

            pdfF 216 7 Accident Response Plan            

pdfAP 216A Appendix A Sport Activity Handbook

pdfAP 217 Locally Developed Programs

pdfAP 218 Special Project Credit

pdfAP 219 Course Challenge

pdfAP 220 Apprenticeship Credits

pdfAP 221 Credit Recovery

              pdfF 221 1 Credit Recovery Application

pdfAP222 High School Sports

pdfAP 230 Substitute Teacher Supervision

pdfAP 235 Driver Education

pdfAP 240 Guidance and Couselling Services

pdfAP 250 Selection of Instructional Materials Learning Resources

            pdfF 250 1 Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources

pdfAP 250A Appendix Guidelines for the Assessment and Selection of Learning Resources

pdfAP 251 Digital Media Instructional Resources

pdfAP 252 Lost or Damaged Textbooks

pdfAP 260 Student Travel

pdfAP 261 Extended Student Travel

            pdfF 261 1 Waiver and Forms

            pdfF 261 2 Waiver and Forms Trips Outside of Alberta and Saskatchewan

pdfAP 270 Home Based Education

            pdfF 270 1 Home Based Education Invoice Form

pdfAP 100 Strategic Planning Framework

pdfAP 101 Annual Reports

pdfAP 111 School Community Councils

pdfF 15 1 SCC Action Plans

pdfAP 120 Policy and Procedures Dissemination

pdfAP 121 Review of Administrative Procedures

pdfAP 130 Instructional Year

pdfAP 131 Emergency School Cancellation

pdfAP 132 Inclement Weather

pdfAP 140 Issue Resolution Protocol

pdfAP 145 Network Services Man/Internet Access

pdfF 145 2 Guest Internet User Agreement

pdfAP 146 Use of Personal Electronic Devices PEDS

pdfAP 147 The Purchase and Installation of Software

pdfAP 148 Technology Maintenance and Services

pdfAP149 Social Media and Online Posting

pdfAP 150 Media Relations

pdfAP 152 Parish Relations and Liaising

pdfAP 153 Dispersal of Information Through Schools

pdfAP 154 Elections

pdfAP 155 Event Protocol

pdfAP 156 Visit Protocol

pdfAP 157 Agency Presentation to Students

pdfAP 158 Technology / Online Acceptable Use

pdfAP 160 Health and Safety of Students and Staff

pdfAP 160A Appendix Universal Precautions

pdfAP 161 HIV AIDS

pdfAP 162 Alcohol and Drugs On School Premises

pdfAP 163 Tobacco Free Environment

pdfAP 164 Staff Home Visit Guide

pdfAP 165 Safe Schools

pdfAP 166 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

pdfAP166 Appendix CIRT Protocol

pdfAP170 Violence

pdfAP 180 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

          pdf F 180 1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

pdfAP 181 Video Surveillance

pdfAP 182 Security Alarm Procedures

pdfAP 185 Records Retention and Disposal

pdfAP 190 Copyright

pdf AP300 Entrance Age

pdfAP 301 Admission of Students

pdfAP 302 Student Fees

pdfAP 303 After School Program

pdfAP 305 Student Code of Conduct

pdfAP309  Accommodating and Respecting Gender Identity and Expression

pdfAP309A Appendix A SCSBA Pastoral Response to Transgender Students

pdfAP 310 Student Safety and Supervision

pdfAP 311 Harassment Students

AP 312 Bomb Threats

pdfAP 313 Emergency Evacuations (Contact the LCSD office for further information.)

AP 314 School Action Plan For Emergencies (SAFE) (Contact the LCSD office for further information.)

pdfAP 315 Student Injuries At School

             pdfF 315 1 Concussion Response Tool

pdfAP 316  Chronic Student Health Services

            pdfF 316 1 Parent Authorization for Chronic Health Care at School

            pdfF 316 2 Letter to Doctor Regarding Health Services

            pdfF 316 3 Daily Medication Record

            pdfF 316 4 Daily Record of Health Care Interventions

            pdfF 316 5 Sample Health Services Plan

          pdf F 316 6 Child Specific Emergency Plan

pdfAP 317 Anaphylaxis

pdfAP 318 Pediculosis Head Lice

pdfAP 319 Temporary Student Health Support

            pdfF 319 1 Parent Authorization for Temporary Health Care At School

pdfAP 320 Student Records

            pdfF 320 1 Notice of Retained Documents

pdfAP 321 Student Data System

pdfAP 330 Child Protection

pdfAP 340 Attendance of Students

pdfAP 351 Bullying

pdfAP 352 Student Discipline

pdfAP 353 Physical Restrain & Seclusion

   pdfForm 353 1 Physical Restraint & Seclusion Incident Report

          pdfForm 353 2 Staff Debrief Data Collection

pdfAP 355 Interviewing Students At School By Police or Child Welfare

pdfAP 356 Searches by School Authorities

pdfAP 357 Damage to Property

pdfAP 360 Student Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

            pdfF 360 1 My Progress Report

pdfAP 360A Appendix A Key Communicators Document for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve

pdfAP 360B Appendix B Holy Rosary Pyramid of Intervention

pdfAP 360C Appendix C Second Chance Learning

pdfAP 361 Student Retention


pdfAP 400 Employee Recruitment and Selection

pdfAP 401 Support Staff Recruitment & Selection

pdfAP 402 Administration Recruitment and Hiring

pdfAP 403 Harassment Employees

pdfAP 404 Human Resource Practices for Support Staff

pdfF404 1 Request for Leave from Duties - Support Staff Form

pdfF 404 3 Compassionate Leave (Extraordinary)

pdfF 404 10 Travel Log    

pdfAP 404A Appendix Support Staff Hourly Rate

pdfAP404B Appendix 2019-2020 Student Support Services Calendar

pdfAP404C Appendix 2019-2020 Division Office and School Secretary Calendar

 pdfAP404D Appendix 2019-2020 Educational Assistant Calendar

pdfAP404D Appendix 2019-2020 Father Gorman & Mother Teresa Educational Assistant Calendar

pdfAP404E Appendix 2019-2020 Librarian Calendar

pdfAP 405 Payment of Staff

pdfF 405 1 Pay Period Request Form

pdfAP 406 Employee Access to Personnel Files

pdfAP 407 Support Staff Pay Scale Adjustment

pdfF 407 1 Support Staff Hiring

pdfAP 408 Long Service Award Program

pdfAP 409 Extra Curricular Recognition

pdfF 409 1 Log of Extra Curricular Hours

pdfAP 410 Professional Learning, Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers

pdfAP 410A LCSD Professional Learning Matrix 

pdfAP 410B  LCSD Planning Interview Question Guide

pdfAP 410C Long Term Planning Checklist Professional Learning Track and Evaluative Track

 pdfAP411 Professional Learning

pdfF 411 Professional Learning 

pdfAP 412 Deferred Salary Plan

pdfAP 413 Pay Advance - New Teachers

pdfF 413 1 Pay Advance Form - New Teacher         

pdfAP 415 Fitness Credits

pdfF 415 1 Fitness Credits

pdfAP 420 Administrative Leave

AP430 Human Resource Development

pdfAP 440 Teacher on Special Assignment

pdfAP 450 LINC Agreement                              

pdfF 450 6 Compassionate Leave (Extraordinary)

pdfF 450 8 Teacher Staff Form - Request for Leave

pdfAP 450 1 LINC Negotiations

pdfAP 455 Medical Leave

pdfF455 1    Teacher Verification of Sickness Practitioner's Report

pdfF455 1.1 Teacher Physician Medical Restriction

pdfF455 2  Support Staff Verification of Sickness Practitioner's Report

pdfF455 2.1 Support Staff Physician Medical Restriction

pdfAP458 Teacher Redundancy

pdfAP 460 Substitute Staff

pdfF 460 1 Application for Substitute Teaching Position

pdfF 460 2 General Application for Employment Substitute

pdfF 460 3 Application for Substitute Educational Assistant

pdfAP 470 Professional Obligation

pdfAP 475 Catholicity Expectations of Teachers  and Administrator's

pdfAP480 Employee - Alcohol and Drugs

pdfAP 490 Volunteers

pdfF 490 1 Volunteer Understanding Form

        pdfF AP490 3 Volunteer Handbook


pdfAP 500 Budget

pdfAP 510 Financial Accounting and Auditing

pdfAP 512 Carry Over of Funds

pdfAP 513 Petty Cash Funds

pdfAP 514 Investments

pdfAP 515 Purchasing

pdfAP 515A Appendix Purchasing and Payment Procedures

pdfAP 515B Appendix Purchase Card User Manual

pdfAP 515C Appendix Purchasing Matrix

             pdfForm 515-1 Pcard Cardholders

             pdfForm 515-2 BMO New Account

             pdfForm 515-3 Missing Purchase Card Receipt

pdfAP 516 Inventory

pdfAP 520 Financial Accountability for School Generated Funds

pdfAP 521 Extra-Curricular Student Fees, Fundraising and Donations

pdfAP 522 Charitable Donations to Schools

pdfAP 523 Special School Projects

            pdfForm 523-1 Special School Project

pdfAP 525 Sponsorships

pdfAP 526 Community Partnerships

pdfAP 527 Political Donations

pdfAP 530 Insurance

            pdfF 530 1 School Incident Report Form

pdfAP 540 Planning for School Facilities

pdfAP 542 Key Control

pdfAP 543 Cash In School Buildings

pdfAP 544 Break-Ins, Theft and Vandalism

pdfAP 545 Environmental Stewardship

pdfAP 546 School Playgrounds Development and Use

pdfAP 547 Rental or Lease of Division Property Facilities and Related Partnerships

           pdfF 547 1 Facility Utilization Agreement Form

           pdfF 547 2 Rental Fee Schedule

pdfAP 548 Loan of Equipment and or Materials and Facility Use

pdfAP 549 Internal Use of Division Property / Facilities

pdfAP 550 Bussing Service

pdfAP 551 Student Transportation Procedures

             pdfF 551.1 Bussing Field Trip Request 

pdfAP 552 Use of 15 Passenger Van

             pdfF 552 1 Division Vehicle Request

pdfAP 553  Student Transportation by Voluntary Drivers

             pdfF 553-1  Voluntary Driver Registration

pdfAP 560 Nutrition

pdfAP 561 LCSD Outreach Fund

             pdfF 561 1 Outreach Request/Reporting Form

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